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Products Available:

  • Thalgo

  • Gehwol

  • Alchemia

  • Dresdner

  • OPI

  • Thalgo Cosmetic
    Beauty originating from the Sea!

The word "THALGO" is composed of French and Greek origins - essentially it represents the Sea and Marine Algae Therapy.

As always, the Ancient Greeks were firm believers in the powers of the sea.  It is not surprising that the psychology and science behind THALGO COSMETICS has its origin in Ancient Greek Civilization.  It even makes more sense knowing that the Greeks looked to the Sea as a life-giving source.  Bearing this in mind and the fact that the Ancient Greeks placed great emphasis upon the "ideal proportions and form of the human body", as well as the desire to always remain "youthful", we have come to recognize the direct link between Beauty - of the skin and body - and the sea.

Thalgo can well claim to be the largest single supplier to the professional beauty salon industry in France - and since 1988 has been the single largest exporter of Professional Cosmetics from France, exporting to 56 other countries around the world.

In April 1994 Thalgo was voted by more than 6,000 European Aestheticians as one of the leading and most performing lines in the Aesthetics Field.

  • Gehwol 
    Nature's power for the feet!

Gehwol treatment designed to combat any foot problem from corns to coldness to callouses.
 Gehwol uses a variety of herbal wraps with heated booties to soothe any pedi-problem.


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