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Tuesday to Friday 10am to 7pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm
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Our cancellation policy

Our dear potential client we are dedicated to give the best service in permanent hair removal. In order for this to be a success,we have to make a program for each individual client.. The hair has to be treated when it’s just on the surface of the skin that’s when is attached to the root.It’s called Anagen stage.If it’s not treated then the treatment is not sufficient .  By missing your appointment  the program is interrupted and the electrolysis  treatment is not  done properly .

 We offer  a discount on a prepaid sessions in the  beginning   to make it easier cost wise  .

Therefore we made the policy .



during the treatments. If for any reason or another you cannot attend you have to pay the previous appointment in full in order to continue your treatments. If someone does not honour  our policy then leave us with no option but to cancel  all appointments forward. . They are  clients on the waiting list and it’s not fair for them not to be treated .

Thank you for your understanding and for choosing Electrolysis and Derma Care Clinic and Spa for permanent hair removal.

Sincerely Julia and Maria..